(By: mahmud abudaber
· 2 pounds barly flour
· 2 pounds meat (Lamb, or Beef)
· 1 medium size onion
· 1 pound potatoes
· 2 tea spoons salt
· 2 quarts water
· Half a can of tomato paste
· Half teaspoon chili powder
· Half teaspoon allspice
· Half teaspoon turmeric
· Quarter cup olive oil or 3 spoons ghee
· Form the barly flour , water, and 1 teaspoon salt into a medium soft dough and set aside
· Chop the onion and cook in olive oil or ghee till translucent, then add the meat (chopped into small pieces) and cook with the onion till the meat turns brown.
· Add the tomato paste, 1-teaspoon salt, turmeric and the chili and cook till the meat is almost cooked. Add the potato (peeled and cut into small pieces) and cook till the meat is cooked and tender.
· Fill another medium size pot half way with water and add the second teaspoon salt and heat the water till it begins to rises. Cut the dough into small pieces and add to the water. With a clean round or flat wooden stick begin to knead the dough while it's cooking till it begins foaming.
· Remove the dough from the pot, and add the dough water into the meat and the potato.
· Knead the cooked dough very well till it turns soft like a pizza dough.
· Cut the cooked dough into round balls (the size of a large orange) and put them in the center of a several bowls
Pour the meat and the potato stew around the cooked dough balls till it covers half of it.
Note: Some add hard boild eggs for more flavor

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