Janzour - The Mediterranean Elegance
Janzour is one of the most beautiful cities on the shores of the Mediterranean. Just a few kilometers west of the capital Tripoli, Janzour is an elegant with it's long clean sandy sunny beaches and the palm trees along the coastal areas, makes it a beautiful resort town. The markets and souvenir shops are available in so many places filled with beautiful costume and handmade merchandises, the merchants and the Libyans are friendly and not hungry for money. This has to do with Libya's economy being far better than most of European and neighboring countries. You don't have to leave town to get a swim. The beaches of Janzour are there just in front of you, and clean enough to take a swim with just a little walk or short drive and you're there on the Mediterranean sea. In the inland there're the vast and colorful farms, with trees consists of olives, figs, oranges, lemons, apples, palms, and grape vines, and there're fields of flowers of all colors and types. Why wait take a trip and spend a pleasant relaxed vacation on the beaches of Janzour, one of the world's most beautiful resort towns on the Mediterranean.
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